Cohiba Behike 52

Cohiba Behike is the Bentley of the most prestigious brand.

It carries 3 sizes: BHK 52, BHK 54 and BHK 56.

The production is extremely limited and exclusive. For the first time it incorporates the tobacco leaf “Medio tiempo” , which offers exceptional character and flavor. The filler is made up of the finest leaves from Volado, Seco and Ligero originating from the finest Vegas of San Juan y Martinez and San Luis. Also for the first time, it incorporates the Medio Tiempo that comes only from the two top leaves on sun-grown plants delivering exceptional character and taste.

Each Behike is donned with a band housing two holograms for security identification.

The quantities are limited due to the natural scarcity of the Medio Tiempo tobacco leaf.

The three heavy ring gauged vitolas are:

BHK 52: 52 ring gauge  (20,64 mm) x 119mm in length Factory name: Laguito No 4.
BHK 54: 54 ring gauge  (21,43 mm) x 144mm in length Factory name: Laguito No 5.
BHK 56: 56 ring gauge  (22,22 mm) x 166mm in length Factory name: Laguito No 6.

These have never existed before. The blend and beautiful lacquered boxes are also a first.

$ 880.00

Length: 4 3/5
Ring Gauge: 52
Shape: Petit Robusto
Taste: Woody
Strength: Medium to Full