Cohiba Medio Siglo

The Cohiba Media Siglo is a short and stout cigar, seeming more at home in American humidors than Cuban ones, and while the band is certainly decorative, the wrapper shows the tell tale sign of Cuban tobacco with a few green spots that detract from an otherwise attractive golden-hued capa. It’s a very well-rolled cigar with seamless lines and just a few small veins, finished off by a near perfectly executed head and cap. There’s a bit of give to one cigar while the other is much firmer, with decent if not perfect uniformity on each sample. From the foot I get primarily corn flakes and cereal grain with a bit of sweet, dry sugar. There’s a bit of wood to be found as well if you’re willing to spend some time with it, as it doesn’t jump out immediately, and one sample shows a light peach note. The cold draw is a fairly average and if anything a touch loose, though nothing to be concerned about. Flavors here lean towards cream and an offering that sits between cereal grain and croissants.

$ 390.00

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Ring Gauge: 52

Length: 4 Inches

Vitola: PEtit Robusto