Cohiba Sublimes LE 2004 (Bundle Presentation)

Size : 6 1/2
Ring: 54
Lenght:(164 x 21.43 mm)

$ 450.00

Overall the flavor transitions are perfectly complex. Cocoa and espresso notes dominates most of the cigar with perfectly balanced moments of earthiness, wood, slight leather and mocha. Some very mild pepper on the back end. The smoke always stays cool. The cigar is not as strong as many people thinks but also, with age, the cigar’s flavors mellowed and blended amazingly. Age has definitely done it wonders. Cohiba Sublimes are smoking incredibly well and believe it or not, aging for too long doesn’t necessarily help cigars out that much. After a certain amount of time, additional aging really doesn’t do much and, in some cases, hurts the cigar. Don’t let this beauty go to waste if you happen to have any in your collection and give it a shot now.