Montecristo Churchills Añejados

Ring Gauge: 47
Length: 17.80cm/6.9¨
Strength: Medium to Full
Taste: Woody
Box: 25 cigars

$ 499.00

The timeless, classic format of this Churchill Anejadol, aged for at least 5 years before being put on the market, is a perfect complement to the Montecristo catalogue. The stamp on the back of the box and the second inspection seal ensure the outstanding quality of this vitola. This perfectly rolled cigar is beautiful to look at. The relatively dark cape distinguishes it from the usual brand style. The tasting will delight lovers of cigars with constructed, evolving flavours

The Montecristo Churchill Añejados are coming in boxes of 25, stamped with the Añejados sticker as well as the month and year of manufacture and the word “Revisado“ which translates to “checked” as a measure of quality control. In regards flavour, Habanos S.A. has stated in a press release that the aging process will give these vitolas a “rounder and mellower” flavor than the others in the Añejados line. Also, the cedar boxes they have been aged in will contribute to a wood note.Definetely a must have!