Cohiba Grand Reserva selection (bundle presentation)

Before the black lacquered boxes, before the immense amount of hype and lavish parties at the Habanos Festival, there was the simple, understated, yet very impressive first ever “Reserva” release by Habanos.

In 2003, Habanos released the Cohiba Reserva Seleccion.  It was the first time a cigar had a second band on it that read “Reserva”, and it was the only time a Reserva release was to feature more than one vitola.  This very special and unique Reserva edition was released in 2003, although the boxes have a 2002 box date.  At the time of release, the tobacco was aged for a minimum of 3 years.  Instead of the black lacquered boxes that most of the Reserva (and Gran Reserva) now come in, this Reserva Seleccion comes in a varnished box, similar to the Cohiba Esplendidos.

$ 490.00

* 4 Cohiba Esplendidos (Ring 47 / Length 175mm)
* 6 Cohiba Robustos (Ring 50 / Length 121mm)
* 8 Cohiba Piramides (Ring 52 / Length 154mm)
* 6 Cohiba Coronas Especiales (Ring 38 / Length 149mm)
* 6 Cohiba Media Corona (Ring 38 / Length 132mm)